Palmetto Cycling Coalition

The mission of the Palmetto Cycling Coalition is to make South Carolina bicycle and pedestrian friendly, by improving safety through better access and education, to promote healthy lifestyles and livable and economically viable communities.

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Palmetto Cycling Coalition is the only state-wide organization in South Carolina that advocates to improve safety for those that bike and walk. We work through partnership and collaboration to improve education, street design, and enforcement. In 2004, we drafted and helped pass the Safe Routes to School Act, which added did many things, most notably required establishing a Safe Routes to School team in each SC school. In 2008, we updated SC's bike laws, and then distributed 4 bike safety educational video-PSA's, rendering 50 million impressions statewide. Since 70% of SC roads are state owned, our organization is vital to empowering local bicycle & pedestrian movements. We fostered the highest number of bike friendly communities in the southeast. In 2015, we launched our latest legislative agenda, aimed at improving the safety of people that bike and walk and this continues in 2017. In 2016, we launched a 2 year campaign towards a state-wide Complete Streets policy, which requires facilitating a diverse partnership necessary to bring this ambitious and highly influential policy to fruition. We know this ambitious campaign will take years; however, we are optimistic about making SC roads safer for all of us.
We will use these funds to maintain a voice at SCDOT and in the SC House and Senate, in order to advocate for the a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly state. We have two key initiatives currently, which donations will support: 1) the proposed Multimodal policy for SCDOT to implement, which sustains local municipal efforts towards more livable communities, on state owned streets, 2) continuing our bike educational curricula programs, 3) advancing state legislative agenda, which is currently H.3615, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act.