Newberry Opera House

The cultural and economic development of Newberry and the Midlands through the window of the arts.

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Authentic and relevant experiences are what you can expect from the Newberry Opera House. Being the central driving force for economic development through the performing arts for 20 years is just a window for bigger and better events and experiences in Newberry. With the Opera House hosting over 200 dynamic and diverse shows a year and close to 56,000 guests enjoying a seat, not to mention over 100,000 visitors to the shops, restaurants and streets of Newberry; rejuvenation is happening here. Our programming extends beyond the Tower with outreach programs in our elementary schools, college performances, regional workshops and national presidential hopefuls stopping to spend time in our halls. The Newberry Opera House is the center of the Midlands and is playing its part to ensure the region is alive, relevant and authentically serving up gracious hospitality to all.
My husband and I went to see Gene Watson two weeks ago at the Newberry Opera House. We had just come back from a 3-week RV trip a few days before and my husband really wanted to go to the concert. We live in Georgia and I was not looking forward to the two hour ride there and back since we had done plenty of driving on our trip. We bought tickets two days before and boy was I glad we went! This was our first time ever in Newberry, we LOVE these kinds of towns! The Opera House is beautiful, painted inside with such details/colors that really stand out. I think any seat would be good as the venue is not large. The grounds in front of the Opera House are pretty, a place to sit outside before the show. The show was great and my husband got a picture with Gene afterwards at the Meet and Greet. There were so many ushers there we can only imagine they were volunteers, every where you turned around someone was there to help you. My husband wants to see what other shows are coming up that we could go to, but we may get a hotel in Newberry the next time. Susan E- Georgia

The venue dates from the 1890s, which may account for the fantastic acoustics, but fell into disrepair before extensive renovations in the 1990s. As a result, one has an intimate setting with modern sound and lighting, wrapped up as the centerpiece of an utterly charming small southern town. The volunteer "ambassadors" are uniformly friendly and helpful, and judging by the acts that the town attracts, the Opera House punches way above its weight class in getting talent on stage. PJsphip- Gainsville, FL.

My name is Mike Granger and I live in Fountain Inn SC. I grew up with the guys in the Ambrosia band (in southern California) and worked with them closely in the early days of their career. I want to thank you first for arranging for the band to play at your beautiful Opera House last October , and again for inviting them back to play another time in September. I hope you had the opportunity to hear them when they were here last and certainly want to encourage you to come to their show this year. They always play their hearts out and give their performances everything they have. You won't be disappointed!
I want to let you know that your technical director Mark was extremely kind and hospitable to me the day of the last concert. He went out of his way to accommodate us and see to it that every technical requirement and issue was addressed quickly and properly. You are fortunate to have someone of his Caliber and experience on your staff. I look forward to seeing him again in September, and helping again during the sound check. If you would like to meet the band, I would love to have the pleasure of introducing you to them. Also I wanted to let you know how memorable the wonderful dinner that your people provided for us was. The home cooking was unforgettable, and Doug Jackson the guitarist who grew up in Texas was especially grateful and appreciated that hospitality. You really have a wonderful place and I just wanted to let you know we appreciated everything you did for us.
God bless and hope to meet you while we are there. Tour Director- Ambrosia
The Newberry Opera House will utilize the funds to support our Family Adventure Series. In the 20 year history, we have not reached out and engaged the up and coming audience of the 18 and under group. The survival of small towns with world class performing arts is paramount to providing the world a generation that has exposure to other thoughts and cultures. The world really has no borders with the internet with the ability to go anywhere in the comfort and solitude of our own homes. Yet, the exposure to a live performance changes lives and it must start with the young.