Columbia Museum of Art

The Columbia Museum of Art celebrates outstanding artistic creativity through its collection, exhibitions, and programs, interacting in ways that engage the mind and enrich the spirit.

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As a leading cultural institution, the CMA brings extraordinary exhibitions to our community, enhancing our quality of life and inspiring students of all ages. Your gift will enable the CMA to explore dynamic programming, events, and educational opportunities to enhance the visitor experience through this exhibition. With your support, we will continue to inspire and connect people to the visual arts while making the Midlands an even better place to live, work, and play. Thank you!
"As mayor of the City of Columbia, I work closely with arts and historic preservation leaders from across the city to create a culture where creativity flourishes...invigorating the creative community leads to new and better jobs and enhanced economic activity across the city. Today artistic and cultural opportunities can be found in every corner of Columbia, nowhere more prominent than the Columbia Museum of Art."
Mayor Stephen K. Benjamin

"The CMA does tremendous work to celebrate and promote fantastic arts education and experiences. Their efforts truly enrich the wider community with a scope and complexity and quality that is worthy of recognition."
Dr. David C. Shelley,
Education Coordinator,
Congaree National Park

"The CMA isn't just business-friendly-it's family friendly, too. In the 16 years since my family moved to Columbia, the museum has warmly welcomed us and thousands more. The CMA serves as a meeting place, an educational center, and a launchpad for community conversation, embodying the best of a truly connected community."
Michael R. Brenan,
State/Group President, BB&T, and Board Chair,
South Carolina Board of Education

"Most of our students have never viewed this type of rare art work in person and have not stopped expressing how much they enjoyed the experience."
- Berkeley Center for the Arts educators
The Columbia Museum of Art is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that accepts philanthropic donations to support our mission to celebrate outstanding artistic creativity through our collection, exhibitions, and programs interacting in ways that engage the mind and enrich the spirit. As the largest art museum in the state, with the most significant international collection and exhibition programs, the CMA is the leading art museum in the region and a must-see destination for residents and tourists alike.

Nearly 33% of all of the programs at the CMA are offered for free or at reduced rates to make the museum more accessible to all. Your donations to the CMA help to underwrite all of the programs and more making the CMA the leading art museum and arts education resource in the state.

With your support, we will continue to inspire and connect people to the visual arts while making our community a better place to live, work, play, and visit. All donations from Midlands Gives go directly to funding our exceptional arts education and exhibitions programs that make our community great!