A Moment of Hope

Our mission is to save lives from abortion by offering help and hope in the name of Christ to those in crisis pregnancies.

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Website: http://www.amoh.org/
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Our caring volunteers and staff listen to the concerns of potential abortion clients and then offer resources and help to meet the needs of mother and baby. Many lives have been saved through this compassionate approach to end abortion locally.
"You were like an angel at the end of the driveway. Who knows how this day would have ended if you hadn't been there." M.- a mother whose boyfriend was pressuring her into an abortion she did not want.

"Thank you for being at the end of the driveway that day just to give me a sense of hope in my situation." H - a mother who changed her mind and chose life for her baby.

"I love you guys. You've brought joy back into my life. And happiness and hope." L - a mother who chose life.

"I really appreciate you all looking out for [L] and all that you're doing. I'm so glad we met [the AMOH staff member] that day...we were about to go through with the wrong thing. You all are a really good group." L's boyfriend

"I told [the AMOH staff member], 'we can't manage to take care of our family because we have many kids.' [The AMOH staff member] started giving us counsel, how we we're going to live, how were going to to survive and then he gave us money saying 'buy what you need and I'm going to visit you.'" J - a father who felt abortion was his only option.
Gifts enable our staff to train and equip our caring volunteers to maintain and grow a compassionate presence outside the abortion facility. Gifts also provide funds to assist mothers and families with practical and financial needs.