South Carolina Citizens for Life

SC Citizens for Life is a single issue organization devoted to restoring the right to life to the unborn, and to protecting the medically vulnerable members of our human family from premature death by euthanasia.

Matching Method:Dollar for dollar match on all donations up to $1170
Funds raised through Midlands Gives will be used in the following ways: * Developing and maintaining educational programs on the issues of abortion, abortion alternatives, euthanasia, and infanticide, and their related topics; * Providing educational materials to students and other community groups; * Publishing a monthly newsletter and posting regular action alerts to social media; * Informing the public, especially women and families who are facing an unplanned pregnancy; * Supporting legislation which helps protect the basic right to life of all innocent human beings, including the disabled, the terminally ill, and the elderly; * Developing and maintaining a grassroots network of South Carolinians who advocate for right to life issues with their elected representatives. * Allowing knowledgeable individuals from the fields of medicine, law, and ethics to participate in seminars and media programs on the above topics.