Gills Creek Watershed Association

The mission of the Gills Creek Watershed Association is to restore and protect the Gills Creek Watershed.

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Gills Creek is one of the most impaired urban creeks in South Carolina. It suffers from high levels of bacteria, low dissolved oxygen, mercury in fish tissue, sedimentation, litter, and flooding. Gills Creek wasn't always this way. Many of the lakes in the Watershed were once a destination for Columbians on hot summer days. People flocked to Dent's Pond to beat the heat and swim in the clean, refreshing waters of Gills Creek. But over the decades and thousands of poor developments the watershed now suffers from an excess of stormwater runoff. Gills Creek can be become a community asset once again.
With the passage of the Richland County Penny Sales Tax, a walking and biking trail is planned for construction along Gills Creek from Kilbourne Road to Shop Road. This "greenway" will provide residents with an alternate transportation option, connect neighborhoods to a growing commercial area at Ft. Jackson Blvd, and get people next to the Creek so they can once again enjoy it. However, the section of Gills Creek from Ft. Jackson Blvd. to Rosewood Drive is one of the most impaired sections with dilapidated buildings, no stream bank, and poor vegetation. This section needs to be restored for the good of the neighborhood and for the good of the Creek. GCWA is working to secure funding for a stream restoration project in this area. A restored Gills Creek would provide a green ribbon through the heart of a commercial area and give pedestrians a pleasant and safe route to travel. The Penny Sales Tax will only pay for construction of the trail itself and cannot be used for restoration activities. Your donation will help us reach our goal of restoring this section of Gills Creek to a more natural, appealing space.
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Your donation helps us match grants, develop and implement plans, and purchase supplies for restoration activities on Gills Creek, with a focus on the stretch from Ft. Jackson Blvd. to Rosewood Drive.