Cancer of Many Colors

Cancer of Many Colors (CMC) is an independent non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. CMC, inspired from cancer experience, is dedicated to meeting the basic needs of cancer patients, to support them through their cancer journey and to help them improve their quality of life.

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Founded in 2014 by Paulette Criscione, Cancer of Many Colors, Inc. (CMC) was created in honor of the Criscione family to bring awareness to all cancers. Paulette and her father John were diagnosed with breast cancer (pink). John passed away in 1981. Her brother Richard diagnosed with leukemia (orange) died in 2007 and brother Jay, diagnosed with throat cancer (burgundy/ivory) in 2006 passed away with bile duct cancer (Kelly Green) in 2009. Paulette was diagnosed with lung cancer (white) in 2011. Both Paulette and Jay tested positive for BRCA 2, a genetic mutation. Cancer of Many Colors wants to bring awareness to all "colors" of cancer and to support cancer patients facing different stages of treatments. Costs involved in cancer treatments are continuously growing and CMC is dedicated to helping local cancer survivors with their basic living expenses and emergency needs.

"Asking for help has been difficult for Diana as she has always worked to provide for herself and her family. She has told me many times how grateful she is for the support she has received from Cancer of Many Colors. It has enabled her to focus on getting well through her treatment and still focus on caring for her daughter during this difficult stage of her life. She is going through treatment now with such a positive attitude, and I know that this is due to some of the money related stress being taken off of her.
Thank you so much for caring and helping!" - Debra Davis, RN Case Manager - Kershaw County

"Thankfully Cancer of Many Colors was there when we needed it the most. They were able to help us with mortgage assistance during a time where we were really struggling . It was a huge relief to know that there were people who cared enough to help those who were dealing with such a horrific disease. We are 21 months in and she's fighting everyday to beat this monster. Once again, the words "Thank You " as simple and strong as they are, cannot truly convey our deepest gratitude to Cancer of Many Colors for what they did for us.
Thank you again", Vic Cooper - Orangeburg County

"I am a single mother with three boys and was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2016. I was given medicine to try and shrink the tumor but it didn't work. Since January of 2017, I have been through 3 surgeries, chemo treatments and daily radiation. Through all of this I have been trying to keep working but have not been able to keep up with my normal hours. This has caused me to fall behind on bills, including my electric bill and car payment. This month, I wasn't sure what to do as I had no idea where to turn for help and knew I wouldn't have the money to pay both bills. I was sure the power would be turned off or I would lose my car, and then, out of nowhere, I happened to come across information about the Cancer of Many Colors organization. I went to their website and saw that they help cancer patients with bills. I sent in an application, hoping for a miracle. Well, I got my miracle! Cancer of Many Colors is paying my electric bill this month. This will go a LONG way in helping me catch up on my bills. I cannot thank this organization enough for what they are doing for me. Cancer of Many Colors - you are AWESOME!" Janet Grubbs - Lexington County

"When I departed from home yesterday I had no idea what my day was going to be like. Of course, I left home seeking help with my electric bill which was due to be cut off. I went to several big churches and got turned away. So, I started out to the library to fill out an application with another organization for help. As I was passing Alala the spirit told me to go in and see if they could help. Initially the receptionist told me they didn't help with bills. She called in the back and Ms. Lisa came out. She was the one who referred me. Right then the spirit was over whelming. I just cried. I felt like everything was going to be fine. It was God working through people who truly want to help. The people who run Cancer of Many Colors never saw me, but they heard my cry. I thanked the Load and thanked them too. To anyone in this situation there will be many doors you have to knock on and there will be many no's that we only help our members I say don't give up. God will direct your path. To the members of Cancer of Many Colors, the seed you sow in my life has be placed in fertile ground. Thank you all so very much. God Bless." Debra - Richland County

"To all my family and friends that doesn't know about Cancer of Many Colors and what they do for our amazing community of cancer patients and their families. Please do NOT be ashamed to ask for help! That's what they do, is help people like me who have cancer! They help patients ,with this horrible disease, with rent, electric bill, etc. They totally understand that we (the patients) are having hard enough time battling this disease and the last thing they want us to do is to struggle with paying our bills! They know we have to make the choice of getting our treatments or paying rent and skipping treatment! They know our treatment is important because they are survivors or parents of survivors!
I personally want to take the time to thank Cancer of Many Colors for helping my family and I, for helping us, in our time of need . Without them we would be without lights right now. We had to get my meds and pay other bills and just didn't have it. I'll be the first one to tell you it took all I had to swallow my pride and ask for help! Thank you, Cancer of Many Colors, for helping patients like myself, in this amazing community, with the struggles that are real while fighting this devilish disease! Y'all are a true blessing from God and again thank you for all you do!" Melanie Sightler - Newberry County

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Cancer of Many Colors created a Small Gift Program for local cancer patients to assist with their basic living expenses and emergency needs. This program helps to reduce the financial hardships that a cancer diagnosis can cause. Money raised will help support transportation costs, mortgage/rent payments, food, utility bills, out of state lodging and other unforeseen or unexpected expenses. There are not enough organizations that support basic living expenses. Cancer of Many Colors created the Small Gift Program for that reason.