The Hive Community Circle

Our mission is to instill hope and provide support for historically underserved survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.

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We are a faith based non-profit serving women and girl survivors of sexual trauma and intimate partner violence from marginalized communities. We partner specifically with communities of color, rural communities, and low income neighborhoods.
We provide the following Preventative Services:
-Healthy Relationship Sessions ( 13-22)
-Healthy Choices Sessions (13-22)
-Sexual Assault Prevention (all ages)
-Dating Violence Prevention (13 and up)
-Faith Leaders Training
-Hive Gatherings-Intimate facilitated and dialogue related to Sexual Assault and Dating Violence
-Increase Your Reach:Support organizations in advancing their efforts to serve communities of color

Support Services
-Healing Unspoken Wounds Community Group for Women 21 and older
-Advocacy Support

Since our establishment in 2015 The Hive has reached over 500 people through prevention, outreach efforts, and support services for survivors.
"I would like to thank you for this one of the toughest periods of my life, I had someone that I could reach out to without getting judged. It is empowering to know that you aren't alone in whatever struggle you are going through, and this network is one filled with love and support. Thank you again for all that you do...much love"- Survivor and Recipient of Advocacy Services

"The opportunity to serve as a Board Member with The Hive has been a dream come true. I am blessed to have found an organization that aligns so passionately with my goals and aspirations. As both a survivor and advocate of intimate partner violence, I look forward to working with The Hive to spread awareness and hope to as many communities as we can."
Olivia Hassler-Board Member
The proceeds raised from Midlands Give will go towards Operations, Outreach, and Support Services.