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Columbia City Jazz Dance Conservatory
It is the mission of CCJC to become a leading college preparatory and pre-professional dance training center by maintaining a qualified faculty, and by hosting nationally and internationally known guest instructors. As home to an award winning ensemble of highly skilled pre-professional dancers, CCJC will demonstrate the varying forms of dance to the under-served arts audiences of South Carolina through a series of live community performances and through community outreach training programs.

Beginnings SC
Beginnings SC inspires hope in families of children with hearing loss across South Carolina through empowerment, education, and engagement. Our mission is to provide emotional, informational, and technical support to parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, deaf parents with hearing children, and professionals serving those families.

South Carolina Lutheran Retreat Centers
Everyone needs times away for spiritual renewal, personal growth, and relaxation. We are proud to serve the Midlands and beyond as a non-profit ministry that offers life-changing opportunities for groups and individuals on retreat!

Stroud Development Group
Stroud Development Group is committed to building strong, trusting relationships, positive attitudes, and life skills in young male's through mentoring and life experiences.

Transitions Homeless Center
Transitions mission is to engage and equip homeless adults of the Midlands to transition into stability and permanent housing.

Catholic Charities of the Midlands
Inspired by the Holy Scriptures, Catholic Charities of South Carolina, promotes self-sufficiency and strives to break the cycle of poverty in South Carolina, by serving our neighbors in need.

South Carolina Autism Society
The mission of the South Carolina Autism Society is to equip those affected by autism spectrum disorders with knowledge and supports to maximize their quality of life. 

The Watering Hole Poetry Org
TWH Mission Statement We are a vanguard whose core purpose is to build Harlem Renaissance spaces in the new contemporary South and cultivate Tribe everywhere we go. We do this through bolstering traditional education through creative writing and performance workshops, classes, seminars, retreats, etc. When we come together as a village, we build poets of color from the ground up and help them reach their best work.

Heartworm Project
The Heartworm Project is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides medical care for shelter animals in need. Founded in 2004, the original purpose was to treat heartworm positive dogs at local shelters who were scheduled to be euthanized because of their illness. Since inception, we have expanded to include dogs and cats of all ages who need medical intervention that shelters are not capable of providing.

Animal Protection League of SC
APL provides a safe haven for homeless, abandoned or abused dogs and cats. We are the oldest no kill shelter in the midlands area.

Howlmore Animal Sanctuary
Howlmore Animal Sanctuary has as its purpose the rehabilitation of special needs dogs and cats whose medical or behavioral issues make adoption difficult. When adoption is not possible, each animal is promised a forever home at the sanctuary.

Bethel Christian Camp
Bethel Christian Camp provides life changing camping experiences with a focus on underserved youth and offers retreat opportunities for the community.

Fostering Foster Animal Rescue
The mission of Fostering Foster Animal Rescue is to save dogs of all sizes and all breeds that are at risk of euthanasia and to actively promote spaying and neutering to reduce the number of homeless pets in our communities.

South Carolina Philharmonic
The South Carolina Philharmonic ENTERTAINS, EDUCATES, ENRICHES and EXCITES diverse audiences through live symphonic music. IT'S OUR MISSION, not just a tagline. Personal financial support from people like you is critical for S.C. Phil to do those things. Bluntly put, WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU. Your support, in any amount, means you share our mission - you want a vibrant, professional orchestra improving quality of life through ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION, and ENRICHMENT for all. That's EXCITING.

(MEBA) Midlands Education and Business Alliance
Midlands Education and Business Alliance connects students of all ages, parents,and educators to career opportunities through business partnerships, training and resources.