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Newberry County Family YMCA
Putting Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy body, mind, and spirit for all.

Orangeburg County Community of Character
Inspire, Motivate and Recognize Excellent Character in Orangeburg County

The Good Samaritan Clinic
The mission of the Good Samaritan Clinic is to show God's love by providing quality, respectful and free health care to those who lack the resources to obtain basic health care. Good Samaritan Clinic envisions communities where families and individuals are receiving the medical care that they need and deserve

Lexington Medical Center Foundation
The mission of Lexington Medical Center Foundation is to provide hope for our community by ensuring that quality health services and patient-centered care are available for the people of the Midlands. By supporting a variety of community and hospital programs, the Foundation fills important needs that contribute to people's wellness, peace of mind, and dignity.

Historic Camden
We protect, preserve, and celebrate Camden's extraordinary Colonial and American Revolutionary War history.

Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center
The mission of the Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center is to enhance quality of life by providing comprehensive programs based on Jewish values, traditions, heritage and culture and to promote unity through these social, recreational, athletic, educational and cultural programs. We also strive to meet individual and communal needs in a way that nurtures, strengthens, enriches and unites the Jewish community and our community as a whole.

We Have Come This Far By Faith Angels With Special Needs
Our Mission is to enrich the quality of life of severely disabled children and their families by helping to provide opportunities of inclusion to recreational activities. We focus on the entire family as a unit with trying to provide help to the entire family and not just the disabled child. Our Purpose primarily is to provide cost-free opportunities of inclusion to year-round recreational and socialization activities.

The sole mission of INNERSOLE is to provide new sneakers to children who are homeless or in need. In addition our EDUCATE MY SOLE is an initiative for middle school students with an emphasis on attendance, accompanied by a deep commitment to ensuring that students are engaged in the classroom. Students challenge each other in five areas: academics, attendance, behavior, reading and physical fitness. The winning students each grade period are rewarded with a pair of "prized" new sneakers.

Alala Cancer Society
The Alala Cancer Society (ACS) is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to cancer survivors throughout South Carolina. With decreasing coverage offered by health insurers, ACS was born out of the need to help the increasing number of un and underinsured cancer patients. The vision of the Alala Cancer Society is to provide financial support for post-surgical cancer needs or other medical expenses, to assist patients and their families, and to support cancer education.

Health Education Consultants, Inc.
The Mission of Health Education Consultants is alleviate the suffering and prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease among medically underserved and uninsured populations in South Carolina through health education, wellness and changes in lifestyle.

Christ Teens
To help develop the mind of Christ in public school teenagers, producing spiritually mature generations!

Glenforest School
Glenforest School strives to meet the academic and social needs of students who require a positive, supportive learning environment to achieve their individual post-secondary goals.

Sandy Run Museum and Cultural Center
The mission of the Sandy Run Museum and Cultural Center is: 1) To collect, preserve, exhibit and document the area's past. 2) To provide educational programs, activities and exhibits for all age groups. 3) To promote art and culture that relates to and will enrich the lives of the present and future generations.

Fairfield County First Steps
Fairfield County First Steps will assist the communities in our county, in collaborating and sharing resources to optimize school readiness for all children by helping them to: a)Recognize the role and responsibilities families have as the first and most important teacher of children; b)Motivate individuals to help stabilize, strengthen, and empower families; and, c) Enable the communities to successfully accomplish tasks through the coordination of personnel, education, and financial resources.

The Talented Tenth
The mission of The Talented Tenth of SC (Team Tenth) is to raise the standard of excellence of African American professionals through access to resources, service to our communities, and elevation of our members. We are A.S.E.!