Champion Your Cause

You have a charitable passion: it could be animal welfare, supporting the arts, volunteering to help the homeless or raising awareness about mental illness. We bet you also have a wonderful network of friends and colleagues in your life too. The Midlands Gives Champion Pages provide you a vehicle to connect your passion and network by creating your own personal campaign to raise money for local nonprofits. You choose the goal, get the word out and become a champion for your cause.

Champion Pages for the 2019 event will open on April 1, 2019!

Getting Started

First, decide which nonprofit(s) you want to fundraise for. Once you have decided, go to the nonprofit(s) page on the Midlands Gives website and click on the Create a Champion Page button, where you will be asked to create a donor account. It does not take long!

You'll automatically be entered into your donor account. Click on the tab My Champion Pages to create each campaign. Have fun completing your campaign because your story of why you're so passionate about this cause will inspire your friends to be part of this amazing work in our community.

Have you finished completing your Champion Page? Submit it for approval to the nonprofit you're supporting. Once they approve your page, your campaign will be live to the community! Note, once approved you will not be able to go in and edit - all edits will need to be sent to the nonprofit organization.

Don't forget the best part! Share your excitement! Share with your social networks and send emails to your friends and family with a link to your Champion Page.

The last day to create a Champion Page will be May 5, 2019. All campaigns will accept donations during the pre-scheduled giving period beginning April 23 and on May 7th. The pages will expire and be removed from the website on May 31, 2019.

Ideas for Champion Pages

Champion Page FAQs

Is there a limit to the amount raised through a Champion Page?

While you have the ability to set any goal you would like, we encourage you to set a goal that is feasible within 24 hours through your network. We recommend goals ranging from $100 to $2,000.

When can people begin giving to my Champion Page?

Scheduled giving will open on April 23, 2019. All gifts that are scheduled during this two week time will process on May 7th. Donors will be able to give live on May 7th until 11:59:59 PM.

When will my Champion Page campaign end?

Donations to pages will end on May 7th at 11:59:59 PM. All Champion Pages will expire on May 31st and will be taken off the website at that point.

Will I be notified when someone makes a donation through my Champion Page?

Yes, you will be sent an email that tells you a donation has been made and who made the donation unless they have chosen to give anonymously. You can also find this information in your donor profile. Keep the spirit of generosity going by thanking your donors right away.

How will the donations I raise through a Champion Page get to the nonprofit?

When people donate from a Champion Page, they are donating to the nonprofit you are raising money for and not directly to you. When someone clicks to donate on your Champion Page, they will be directed to the donation page for the designated charity and will complete their donation through the normal checkout process. As with all other donations, Central Carolina Community Foundation will compile the donations and distribute checks to participating nonprofits after the event.

Can I have more than one Champion Page?

Yes, but we recommend you choose one or two of your favorite nonprofits and focus your efforts on those.

Can I include money not raised online in my Champion Page total?

All donations for Midlands Gives must be given via the online platform. Gifts made via checks and cash can be given directly to nonprofits but will not be counted towards the totals of Midlands Gives.

How can I see who is fundraising for a nonprofit?

All Champion Pages linked to specific nonprofits will be listed on the nonprofit’s profile.  To see a list of Champion Pages for all organizations, you can select Champion Pages button under the Nonprofit search bar.