My Amigos Bilingual Education Center

My Amigos Bilingual Education Center provides a high quality dual-language, Christian, immersion education to children and provides them with tools that enable them to confidently participate in a global community. This goal is achieved through implementation of our bilingual curriculum which teaches them to become open-minded, model citizens from an early age.

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At My Amigos, we provide preschool instruction in a bilingual, multicultural environment in which we teach children to appreciate different cultures and overcome barriers from an early age. As a result, our children learn to see other cultures through a different lens. They learn it is not necessarily wrong for someone to do something differently; it simply means there can be more than one way to reach the same goal. Research shows that early cultural awareness leads to better problem solving skills. Through our preschool curriculum, children also receive academic instruction in Spanish and English while stressing Kindergarten readiness. In today's global society, greater opportunities are in store for the bilingual individual. We believe this opportunity should be available to all children regardless of their economic status or resources, which is why we offer financial assistance and scholarships to those who qualify. We know that the children who complete our program are prepared to positively impact their culturally-diverse community.
In late August, five year old Marcus Garcia* walked into the office at My Amigos with his dad. Marcus had recently graduated from the preschool program and started kindergarten, but a letter sent home from his new school brought them in. Mr. Garcia needed help understanding the English and trusted his son's former preschool to help. The letter revealed that Marcus had tested out of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services and wouldn't be receiving them at school. Testing showed that his English was on par with that of the other students, and his teachers didn't feel that he would benefit from being pulled out of class for extra language support.

One of the core goals at My Amigos is to give kids the foundation they need to start kindergarten on an equal footing with their peers. When Marcus began attending My Amigos at age 3, he spoke no English. He struggled with self-confidence, which often led to challenging behaviors. Over the course of two years in the program, Marcus blossomed. He made friends, including a best friend who initially spoke no Spanish. The boys were soon inseparable. Marcus started learning English and became an active participant in both the Spanish and English portions of the school day. By the end of his time at My Amigos, Marcus had transformed from a shy boy who often misbehaved to a leader who confidently shared his knowledge with others.

Because of his family's low-income, Marcus received tuition assistance supported by grants and donations to be able to attend My Amigos. Without this community support, Marcus wouldn't have had access to the high quality bilingual education that helped him test out of ESOL and start school ready to succeed. He would still be starting kindergarten this year, but not in a position to excel academically and socially. The generous support of our community makes it possible for children like Marcus to have brighter futures.
*Name changed to protect privacy of family.
Many families recognize the benefits of our bilingual program and desire to enroll their child, but can't afford the cost. Funds raised through Midlands Gives would provide financial assistance/scholarships to children from low-income homes who, like any other child, deserve the same opportunity for the best early education experience.