Join the Movement! Spread the Word About Midlands Gives.

We're excited to celebrate Midlands Gives with you. To help you get ready, we've provided some helpful information. We'll continue to populate this page with helpful resources in the coming months, so check back often.

 Midlands Gives Graphics

>>>Midlands Gives Brand Guidelines (PDF) Guidelines for using the Midlands Gives name and logo in appropriate uniform ways. 

>>>Midlands Gives Logo (JPEG, PNG, EPS) Please review our logo guidelines before using to help us maintain the integrity of the brand. 

>>>Recommed Design Websites (Canva, Adobe Spark) Need help with creating marketing materials? We recommend trying these two free websites which offer simple design tools and templates. 

For Nonprofits

>>>Nonprofit Marketing Toolkit (PDF, Word) Your guide to marketing for Midlands Gives. Includes templates for emails, letters, social media and more!

>>>Matching Funds Form (PDF) Guidelines for submiting matching funds to Midlands Gives. Form must be submited through your Midlands Gives Dashboard under "Documents." The deadline to submit this form is April 25, 2017.

>>>Submit Board List for Aflac Inspires Leadership Prize Form must be submitted by April 18, 2017.

>>>8-Week Workplan (PDF, Word) A guide to helping you create, plan and implement your Midlands Gives campaign. This document will be referenced in our Regional Trainings. Please either print a copy and bring to the trainings or bring an electronic device you can view the document on. 

>>>Registration Guide (New Nonprofits, Returning Nonprofits) A guide for nonprofits on how to register for Midlands Gives. Please note, the deadline to register for the 2017 has passed.

Training Resources for Nonprofits

>>> Midlands Gives Regional Training Slides (PDF)  Slides covered in our Regional Training Sessions.

>>> Midlands Gives Webinar #1 Slides (PDF)  Topics covered in this webinar include: Intro to the Community Foundation and Midlands Gives, Nonprofit Responsibilities, Overview of Fees, Registration Tips, Where to go for help, next steps. Click here to view the recording of the webinar.

>>> Midlands Gives Webinar #2 Slides (PDF)  Topics covered in this webinar include: Prizes, Matches and Media Policy. Click here to view the recording of the webinar.

SCANPO Training Resources:

Webinar #1: Understanding Your Online Audience
Webinar #2: Getting Comfortable with Facebook and Instagram
Webinar #3: Expanding Your Social Media Toolbox with Analytics
Webinar #4: Engaging Your Board in Online Fundraising
Webinar #5: The Power of Nonprofit Storytelling
Webinar #6: Creative and Collaborative Fundraising Strategies  
Webinar #7: Media Interview Techniques