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The Lourie Center's mission is to provide opportunities for adults over age 50 to remain physically fit, socially engaged, intellectually stimulated and independent..

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Website: http://louriecentersc.com/
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The Lourie Center is an independent, non-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to providing activities and resources to older adults. Our focus is health and fitness in order to maintain independence late in life. The center began in the 80s with a group of Midlands residents who wanted to provide a focal point for senior activities in the Columbia area for the growing senior population. The Center was initially funded by Wachovia (then South Carolina National Bank) and monies from the State Legislature through the state BINGO tax. The facility was built in 1995. Today, the Lourie Center is a recreation center for adults ages 50 and up with a vibrant and growing 500+ person membership. We are centrally located in downtown Columbia and offer up-to-date physical fitness, cultural, and educational programs for seniors on a daily basis as well as space for community groups to meet, events, and plenty of free parking.

Our programs feature fitness, cultural, and educational opportunities for older adults. We maintain a fully equipped gym, circuit training equipment, a multitude of professionally-led fitness classes (for all skill levels) from Yoga to Tai Chi to Aerobics to Balance, Pilates, Strength Training and more.

Creative and educational classes include art, craft, language, technology, lectures, offering something for everyone. Enjoy our many social events including dances with live music. Many events are open to the public. Our Five Points Wheels program is a free community transportation service. Wheels transportation is available in the downtown area for the elderly and disabled to attend errands, shopping, and medical appointments.

In April of 2013 we were renamed the Lourie Center, in honor of late South Carolina State Senator Isadore Lourie. Isadore Lourie is well known for his work as a champion of the elderly He contributed greatly to legislation and reform efforts for aging adults. During his career he sponsored legislation that established the State Commission on Aging, the Interagency Council on Aging, the Homestead Exemption, and the income exemption for the home bound elderly. He also established the South Carolina Permanent Improvement Program that built or renovated 72 Senior Centers in South Carolina.

In 2013, the Lourie Center achieved the "Center of Excellence" status through the National Council on Aging's National Institute for Senior Center's accreditation program. Accredited centers operate effectively from a common philosophy and adherence to the established NISC senior center standards of excellence, which serve as a guide for all senior centers to improve their operations today-and position themselves for the future.
"I love it here! The variety of programs keeps me interested and the facility itself is very clean. The instructors are wonderful-very mindful of offering corrections and alternate moves, if necessary." -Elna Corwin

"The Lourie Center is the ONLY resource in Columbia and surroundings that provides this kind of support for seniors, both able-bodied and handicapped. I have been an able-bodied member for about six years now and I find the variety and content of classes, workshops, seminars, and events to be spiritually nourishing, physically challenging, and socially supportive for me. The Lourie Center HAS IT ALL! " -Leslie Drucker

"It is a natural preventative measure for keeping seniors healthier, happier and out of nursing homes." Ellen Yaghjian

"The Lourie Center is critical for us, as well as the countless others they serve." Brian Dressler
All Midlands Gives donations will go directly to fund the many essential programs which help older adults live healthy and independent lives. We offer a wide variety of classes and events to help maintain physical fitness, provide intellectual stimulation, and social interaction opportunities. We also run a free transportation service to seniors in the downtown area to access shopping, banking, and medical appointments, and funding will also go toward the operational costs of this service.