Lexington School District Four Education Foundation

We strive to build awareness of the importance of literacy in the Lexington Four Community and to deepen the involvement of all stakeholders in the quest for ensuring every student's success. We do this by empowering parents and families to support their children's cognitive and social-emotional development from the cradle to the workforce and/or college, and by strengthening school, family and community partnerships through support, collaboration, and training.

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The funds received will be used to purchase books for our district's PALS (Promoting: Academics, Learning, and Success) program. PALS was developed from our district's strong belief that parenting is one of the most important jobs anyone can have. PALS builds upon families' strengths by providing parents with the information, skills and principles essential for children to become caring, competent, responsible and resilient. By incorporating these key protective factors into their relationship with their children, parents foster their children becoming productive citizens in our society and our communities becoming healthier and safer for families and for children.

Through our work and research we found parental involvement that requires a large investment of time, such as reading and communicating with one's child, and the more subtle aspects of parental involvement, such as parental style and expectations, have a greater impact on student educational outcomes. This reality is why we feel the urgency to continue the PALS program. Your gifts will allow us to continue this work!

Thank you for your consideration and please contact us if you would like more information on our programs.
Brain research confirms what many educators and parents already know - the early years involve the highest rates of learning. The experiences a young child has now effects them for a lifetime. Thus, it is never too soon to introduce children to books. Children should have experiences with books each and every day - including time for being read to and time for reading or looking at books by themselves. In the classroom and at home, books should be available to children throughout the day. The availability of high-quality children's books is a very important part of the literacy process, but purchasing the easy-to-get books at the grocery store check out line does not always insure quality. Our parents often cannot afford the type of books our children need to grow both cognitively and emotionally. Fortunately, through our PALS program, parents who attend our monthly meetings are given a children's book. Our hope is that we can give parents up to 9 books a year for their child's personal library. A parent who attends every meeting beginning in 3K would eventually receive 70 books. How amazing would that be!