Kingdom Kids Foundation

"Our love for God's children is insatiable!" We are on a mission to EQUIP, ENCOURAGE, and EMPOWER children and their families by sharing the message of God's love and salvation through Literacy, Christian Education, and programs that promote spiritual growth and development.

We believe in the POWER of God's word! If we plant the seed, He will provide the increase.

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"Hearts & Hands" -You donation allows the foundation to provide "FREE" Kingdom Kids Book Tours throughout the Midlands and to children in areas of the world where God is not known. Can you imagine, never hearing about the love of God? To most of us, it's unfathomable, yet it's a burdensome truth. We also provide programs and services that promote early childhood education, early literacy, and Christian education along with parent support and partnerships with local churches, schools, and daycares. Visit our website for more detailed information about other ways we serve. Thank you for your donation, if we could be of some service to you or your organization, give us a call. We would love to partner with you.

Only what we do for Christ will matter. It's all about the Kingdom! Let's Go!
Big thank you to the foundation! Because of your book donations, children in Malaysia are hearing the word of God. Blessings to you!

Your kindness and generosity will not be forgotten. Kingdom Kids Books are in the hands of children all the way in Uganda. Thanks again for donations and reading guides.

Mrs. Terri, you were so kind to me and you didn't even know me. I was faced with homelessness with a newborn child and you helped me to know God and find my way. Thanks for your donations and new found friendship. May God bless you and your foundation.

We were able to help a young expectant mother of triplets with needed supplies for her family. The foundation purchased one of the three cribs the family needed and we are happy to report that mom and the children are doing well!

We will continue to provide book tours for children in the community. During the tour, children participate in a reading activity, we gift every child with a FREE book and gift. We also extend family support to parents in an effort to establish relationships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We will be able to offer more parent support classes for families in the community.

Purchase more books for our book tours/giveaways.