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To surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

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Often, problems at school are a symptom of a problem at home. The student who is not finishing her homework may not have anyone to help her. Her parent or guardian may speak a different language, and may work two jobs to put food on the table. The student who is sent to in-school suspension for a dress code violation may come from a family who, facing a choice of either keeping the water or the lights on, cannot afford new clothes. The child who does not come to school on cold days may have to walk to school, and does not have a warm jacket or closed toe shoes. The student who cannot focus in class might be hungry, because the only meals he eats are the ones served at school. You can help us create a bridge to resources students need to focus on their learning.Your support will help CIS of the Midlands address these issues so students can be successful.
Jayden had made significant progress in school after working with CIS of the Midlands for only one month. When Jayden did not return to school after the historic flooding of the Midlands in October 2015, his school's CIS of the Midland's Student Achievement Coordinator dialed Jayden's number.

"We lost everything," Jayden said.

During the disaster, Jayden's family was evacuated from their rental home. The flood severely damaged the home and destroyed the family's effects that were left behind. Jayden and his family moved into a hotel room, the cost of which became financially draining. Adding to the family's hardship, Jayden's mother broke her leg by falling on the hotel stairway.

"We had to keep him focused in school while he was dealing with all this," Jayden's Student Achievement Coordinator said. "CIS of the Midlands truly can provide personal touches in the lives of our students that sometimes the school cannot. We have a strong, interactive partnership with businesses and organizations to help meet certain needs."

Following the flooding, the school's attendance monitor identified all the students who were impacted by the disaster. Jayden's Student Achievement Coordinator and other CIS of the Midlands volunteers reached out to each of these families to identify their needs. CIS of the Midlands assisted families with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Disaster Assistance application process and helped to distribute resources donated by FEMA and community partners.

CIS of the Midlands also contacted several religious organizations that agreed to sponsor students' families that were impacted by the flooding, including Jayden's family. Today, Jayden's family is once again living in their rental home.

"We didn't really have a lot of people to help us," Jayden said. "I'm glad CIS was there looking out for me."
Money raised through Midlands Gives will be used to fund programs that directly effect local students.