Carolina Manga Library

Our mission is to improve literacy in all ages and show the value of graphic novels as literacy tools. We also hold to the notion that reading of any kind should be encouraged in order to foster lifelong readers and strive to educate teachers, librarians, and parents that reading a graphic novel can have the same benefits as a traditional novel for a fledgling reader.

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We operate a traveling library that sets up in public locations and provides free access to graphic novels. We also strive to educate the public on the many uses and benefits of graphic novels as a literacy tool. One of the biggest things we do is promote an environment where children, teens, and adults are encouraged to read what they enjoy instead of censoring their joy. Many people do not enjoy reading traditional novels but very much enjoy reading the same stories in graphic novel format. We try to find and encourage those readers to continue their passion, for our most heartfelt belief is that reading is reading is reading.

Our library currently operates like a bookmobile service, except when we set up we bring over 5000 books to the event. We appear at conventions, book festivals, and schools to promote literacy using the medium that we love.
We will hire at least one full-time staffer and two part-time staffers. We will also launch our school visitation program, in which we intend to provide book talks to elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as public book talks to parents, educators, and librarians.