Acts Metro

We Empower families in crisis to rise from despair and dependence to hope and self-sufficiency. We accomplish this by providing a mentor for each family as a source of encouragement, and accountability in a relational setting. Each family sets their own goals to move them forward. Resources flow to help the family as they make progress on their goals.

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Acts Metro is helping transform Northwest Columbia by empowering one family at a time through mentoring. The impact can be proven through the many success stories we must share. We have seen families in the program go from crisis to hope and healing. Some were living in weekly rate hotels, just surviving. Many were unemployed and unemployable due to a lack of education and job skills. Through Acts Metro, these families often find homes to call their own, new educational achievements and full time jobs to provide stability and long term security. Families exit the year-long program feeling confident, self- sufficient and grateful to have an organization supporting them in accomplishing their goals. Each time a family completes our program and achieves stability and growth our community becomes stronger. The lives of the participants are forever changed for the good.
Here's how the program is transforming lives and our community: Acts Metro helps each family with encouragement, training and accountability. They set the goals they'd like to achieve for themselves. Their goals might be to earn a G.E.D., a training certificate or even a degree. Some may set budgeting and saving goals. Others may set the goal of full time employment to better themselves. After goals are set, a mentor is assigned for each client, who in turn walk alongside the families for the year that they are in the program. By doing so, the families have a supporter, someone to advocate for them, and someone to build a relationship with, when they feel they have lost hope. The program provides budget coaching which allows them to set goals and learn how to prioritize spending.
"Carmen" was a single mother. Her life was broken because of abuse and abandonment. Carmen had suffered loss and endured many personal tragedies in her life that left her feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. The stress of subsistence living, not knowing where the next meal would come from or if she and her kids would even have a place to live, had taken its toll. Despite the stereotype of those in poverty, Carmen was a hard worker. She held a job that allowed her to work from home, but when her computer broke she had no means to replace it, things went from bad to worse. Carmen lost her job and fell behind in her rent. She also had no car and had to walk miles daily just to get to the bus stop. That is when a friend reached out to Carmen and helped her find Acts Metro. We saw right away that Carmen was special. Despite all she had been through, she refused to give up. She dreamed of a better life for herself and her children. She became a dedicated client, applying herself and working hard to make changes in her life. Carmen set goals, worked on her emotional problems with a counselor, learned how to properly budget money and make plans. Through her mentor, Carmen set a goal of becoming a business owner. She is well on her way and has a solid plan to achieve this goal. In the meantime, she is once again working and supporting her family. Carmen looks forward to mentoring another family, passing along the help she has been given through Acts Metro.
The money raised through Midlands Gives will allow Acts Metro to continue to expand the number of families we serve as we support them in achieving self-sufficiency.