South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools

The mission and ministry of SCAIHS are to provide educational counseling and encouragement to parents as they shepherd their children through their educational journey. SCAIHS seeks to assist parents in providing the best education possible that will equip their students to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He leads. SCAIHS will reflect moral, ethical, and Christian values in the programs, publications, and services offered.

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SCAIHS' vision is to support parents as they lead their children to grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man.

Our philosophy is that parents are the best educators and advocates for their children; we equip parents to give their children the best educational experience possible.

We aid over 650 homeschool families throughout South Carolina; that is over 1,000 students. We have seven counselors that guide parents in curriculum counseling in our three departments: Elementary School, Middle & High School, & Special Needs.

Over 100 of our students are special needs, over 400 are elementary, and over 400 are middle & high school students. Want to know more? Check out the programs!
"I really appreciate everything that SCAIHS does to help families with the homeschooling journey. I know that I couldn't do this without you!"

"I am grateful for the years of support that I have received from SCAIHS and the many opportunities that my children have had because of SCAIHS. Thank you for making our homeschool journey brighter!"

"This is our final year with SCAIHS. Our family homeschooling both our girls from kindergarten through 12th grade with SCAIHS as well as several other members of our extended family. We really appreciate all the help and assistance we received throughout the years especially the lean ones. May God continue to be with you and guide you all in your decisions and the impact you have on the homeschooling community."

"We are very pleased with SCAIHS. You offer a service that helps us meet our goals each school year--to teach our children what is appropriate and challenging based upon our beliefs and what will help them to become independent contributors to better our society."

"I believe SCAIHS has really helped our family meet education requirements and prepare our children for higher education. If I had not had the accountability to SCAIHS throughout our homeschooling years, I imagine we would have fallen behind and my children's high school transcripts would be lacking. Now as we are applying for colleges for our oldest son, the unofficial transcript provided by my counselor has been very helpful to move forward on our college applications, leaving just the official transcript to be sent at the end of the school year. Thank you all for your hard work and the many improvements you have been making to your services, including the SCAIHS Station!"
We will be able to give more scholarships and provide books at wholesale to families that are struggling financially. We will be able to upgrade our technology components to better serve our clients.