Saving Lives Through Ryan

Saving Lives Through Ryan advocates gun safety and awareness, in the SC Midlands, by striving to instill a conscious level of safety at all times while in the presence of a firearm.

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Saving Lives Through Ryan offers many programs that help advocate gun safety for all levels. The Eddie Eagle Program is used to educate toddlers to teenagers on what to do if they find a gun. For Example: "Stop, Don't Touch, Run Away, Tell a Grownup." SLTR also offers Gun Safety Seminars to educate all members of the community by covering various topics relating to safety. SLTR participates in Community Booths and talks with people of all ages reminding everyone of the importance of gun safety. We provide free gun locks at community events and by request. SLTR has expanded our services to provide assistance to families who have experienced a death or serious injury as the result of a gun accident.
In 2014, when Saving Lives Through Ryan started talking with children about what they should do if they find a gun, less than 5% knew what to do. Many would say they would pick it up and shoot it or carry it to their parents. SLTR would explain the dangers of this, and taught them to: Stop, Don't Touch, Run Away, and Tell a Grownup, so they would be safe and the gun would be put safely away by and adult. In 2017 almost 50% of the children we questioned stated: Stop, Don't Touch, Run Away, and Tell a Grownup! When asked where they learned this many children have stated they learned it from us, at one of our previous booths or seminars. Others are stating that their parents and/or schools are now teaching them. In 2018 slightly more than 50% of children stated this slogan. We at SLTR are thrilled with this continued increase in gun safety knowledge by the children, and will continue our efforts to educate the children, parents, schools, and leaders of our community. The word is out, and it is working!
All SLTR donations received will be used to provide free firearm and other safety educational materials to all ages, firearm and other safety seminars, gun locks, and resource information. We have expanded our services to include assistance to families, of the Midlands, who have experienced a death or severe injury as a result of a gun accident. Our mission is to continue to provide these supplies and services free to the community.